immersive training

a feminist beit midrash (jewish house of learning)

an all inclusive learning space for participants to grow their skills in text learning, feminist thinking, and workshop facilitation.

tuesday, july 31- friday, august 3rd
@ four springs
all lodging and meals provided for
sliding scale $54-$108

name? *

(first and last)
gender pronouns? *

social identities you hold that you want to name?

phone number? *

dietary restrictions? *

why do you want to come to this training? *

what spiritual practice guides your learning? would you be interested in leading during our time together? *

meditation, movement, community conversations, etc
what learning modalities best work for your growth? *

dance, discussion, art, etc
what are you excited to learn? what are some feminist or jewish texts that have inspired you? *

what workshop would you teach at feminism all night? *

include a title and description
this can shift throughout the training but having an initial starting ground will help us support you
anything else?

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